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ibiza airport ibz
ibiza airport ibz
ibiza airport ibz

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Ibiza Airport (IBZ)

Ibiza Airport, commonly referred to as IBZ, which is the airport code used by all airlines and travel websites. 95% of the people who arrive or depart through Ibiza or Formentera in Spain use the Ibiza airport, making it an extremely busy airport during various seasons.
Ibiza Airport
During the months of May through October, the peak season of the Balearic Islands in the western side of the Mediterranean Sea, the airport sees more traffic in a single month than it does in the other six months combined. The airport services a significant amount of airlines, though it has more flights from Swiftair, Iberia and Air Europa than many of the other airlines. There are flights that depart year round to various hubs including Barcelona airport and Madrid. During the tourist season, there are also many flights to Palma de Mallorca and many others.

The Ibiza Airport was first opened during the Spanish Civil War as a temporary airport for the military.

It remained open after the war as an emergency airport and was later transformed for tourist airports in 1949. It then closed in 1951 and re-opened in 1958 due to the high demand of tourist traffic into the Balearic Islands. Over the years, the Ibiza Airport has expanded tremendously with different runways and taxiways. By the 1990s, the airport was seeing over three and a half million passengers each and every year. By 2017, the airport was handling over 8 million people and somewhere around 77,000 aircraft movements, which is an increase of over 3% from 2017. Flying to the Balearic Islands is easy from any location in the world as so many airlines fly in every day.

Ibiza Airport is the eighth busiest airport Spain with nearly 8 million passengers.

Ibiza Airport opened in 1949 and is located 7 km from downtown.

Sunny Ibiza, an island located off Spain’s eastern coast, draws visitors throughout the year who are attracted by its great climate. On the Mediterranean Sea, this popular destination has a welcoming amount of sun throughout the year ranging from the scorching summer months to the moderate winter. But at all times you’ll find a place with a booming tourism business. A major reason why Ibiza continues to be such a draw for tourists is the convenience of the country’s airport, providing frequent connections to at least six major European cities.
That makes it easy to plan your flight in and out of the island, and instead focus on enjoying everything Ibiza has to offer, from great beach activities to a fun nightlife and more. If you’re traveling from very far away, such as flights originating in the United States or Asia, you will most likely reach the island of Ibiza by making a connection at another airport within Europe. Although that can be a hassle for some people, the good news is that once you reach this Balearic Island you’ll find a modern airport that’s easy for both arrivals and departures.
Ibiza Airport is located roughly 7 kilometers (about 4 miles) to the southwest from Ibiza, which is a town that shares its named with the island and is on the southeast coast. The airport’s address is: Sant Jordi de Ses Salines, San Jose, Ibiza, Illes Balears, Spain, 07820

Ibiza Airport

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