Things to Do in Ibiza

Ibiza, Spain

As an island nestled off the coast of Spain as part of the Balearic islands, Ibiza is one of those places that needs no introduction. Its name has become synonymous with party-goers for the islands vibrant nightlife full of clubs and dance music to party away those European summer nights. If you’re looking for a hot summer getaway where life is literally a party, then add Ibiza to your bucket list of places to visit. However if partying it up isn’t quite your scene all the time, there are still plenty of other things to occupy your time on the island.

  1. Catch a film Ibiza style. Cinema Paradiso is something you’d definitely see in a movie… which is ironic because you can watch a movie here! It’s an outdoor movie theater done in several locations throughout the island, and hosts many movie showings and other events such as karaoke. Their programs are announced in early spring (around March) so check back for events and ticket information as you get closer to booking your trip.
  1. Visit Old Town and Marina. The Old Town, also known as Dalt Vila, is a fortified old section of the island that is perched on a small rocky mountain which lies next to the sea. Stepping back in time with the narrow streets is a charming way to experience some historical culture of the island. Dotted with shops and restaurants, this part of town offers plenty to see, sip and taste for an afternoon. Though it may be daunting after one too many mojitos the night before, it’s definitely worth the walk up the hill to witness some of the most astonishing views in Ibiza. Not only do you get to experience cute little stops along the way and magnificent views of Ibiza and the sea, but there is a beautiful 15th century cathedral to explore at the top; definitely worth the walk!
  1. Take a ride in a boat. From party boat cruises to leisurely sailing excursions, Ibiza will satisfy your need for salty air and the ocean breeze. You can pre-book party boats and private sailing excursions, just make sure you know what port/beach you’re coming out of.
  1. Sip and see at Nikki Beach. The iconic Nikki Beach Ibiza is probably what you think of when you think of this party island – an epic hotel, pool and beach bar. If you aren’t able to stay here, you can definitely come and enjoy the funky cocktails and breathtaking views of the Balearic Sea. As they say on their website, “it’s a rosé all day lifestyle” at Nikki Beach. Definitely make a reservation as space fills up fast.
  1. Have a spa day. Why not wind down and relax with a meditative spa experience on a lush island? Ibiza has your answer. With over a dozen spas across the island, there is definitely a way for everyone to unwind and enjoy their vacation. Whether you’re looking for a yoga class, a medical peel or facial, or just a relaxing massage, there’s a spot for you here. Some top rated spas include:
    1. Ibiza Gran Hotel
    2. 7Pines Kempinski Ibiza
    3. Zentropia Spa
  1. Catch an epic sunset. Ibiza is well known for its spectacular sunsets. Make sure during your trip you take the time to put your phone down, slow down, sit and enjoy them. Some popular spots to catch the sunset include:
    1. Kumharas, a restaurant and bar in the beach of San Antonio
    2. The beach of Benirras which is accessible via public transport if necessary
    3. Sunset Ashram en Cala Conta which is a restaurant in Saint Josep de Sa Talaia
  1. Pool Day at Pure House Ibiza. Sip cocktails, eat a fresh healthy lunch, and lounge by the pool in this little piece of paradise tucked away in the lush greenery of Ibiza. If you need some time to recharge and refuel solo or with a small group of friends, book some time at Pure House and kiss your stress and worry goodbye.

Though I didn’t mention it outright, obviously two of the biggest attractions to this island for many are the nightclubs and the beach scene. This goes without saying that Ibiza is an epic place to fulfill both of those wishes for your island holiday, so if you’re looking for the nonstop party atmosphere this is your spot. However after reading through this list of things to do in Ibiza, I hope you realize there are plenty of other things to experience and see while on this lovely island that really makes Ibiza the perfect destination for everyone.

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