Ibiza Airport Car Hire
Ibiza Airport Car Hire
Ibiza Airport Car Hire

Advantages Of Renting A Car On Vacation In Ibiza

Know Before You Fly

Renting a car is an excellent way to explore all that Ibiza has to offer, including its fun nightlife, first-class dining venues, historic landmarks, inviting beaches and more. When you have your own car then you’ve got total independence on your vacation and can plot each day knowing that you’re able to drive directly from where you’re staying to the island’s attractions.

Before you make the decision on which type of car you would like to rent and how long you’d like to have it while in Ibiza, keep reading to learn some important tips about the rental process. Learning these details upfront could help to make your rental car experience much simpler, and help you avoid any stress – instead freeing you up to explore the island on your trip.

  • Consider booking your rental car in advance, because demand for vehicles can be very high during the busiest tourist months in Ibiza from April through to September, with a noticeable peak in demand between June and August. Booking early means that you won’t have to worry about the car that you would like to hire already being taken.
  • If you aren’t able to reserve your car hire before arriving on the island, don’t worry, because there are several international rental car companies that operate in Ibiza. You can find kiosks for getting a car hire at the airport, and also once you’re at your destination on the island, but it might be harder to get a car in the busy months.
  • Getting insurance for the entire time you have the rental car is highly recommended because this will provide financial cover in the event that you have an accident which could result in some costs, such as damage to the car or any hospital bills. Having insurance for the car will give you extra reassurance when driving around Ibiza.
  • Research which car you might want to get before you make a booking, and think about the unique needs of your travel group. Do you have someone with mobility problems? Do you need a vehicle that seats more than the five people that can fit a standard car? Answering these questions will help narrow down your search for the right vehicle.
  • As part of your research into the type of vehicle you might want to hire, you will need to decide between whether to get a car that has a manual transmission or one with automatic transmission. The majority of rental vehicles available in Ibiza are automatic transmission, but you can get a manual transmission car if that’s your preference.
  • Although the driving age minimum in Ibiza is 18 years old, typically you will find that rental car companies will set a minimum age of 21 years old – and they might even make the vehicle hire more expensive if the driver is under 25 years old. You should ask individual rental car companies about their policies on any age requirements.
  • Should you already have a driver’s license issued by the European Union then you are qualified to rent a car in Ibiza. If you don’t have one of these licenses then you will need to provide a car hire company with both your current driver’s license from the country where you live, as well as a valid International Driving Permit, or IDP.
  • Knowing all of the rules of the road is also crucial when hiring a car on your vacation. All vehicles in Ibiza drive on the right side of the road, and this applies across the island. This is particularly important to remember for those drivers that might be visiting from a country where cars typically drive on the left side of the road.
  • Be sure to comply with all of the laws and regulations that apply to driving in Ibiza, including keeping your blood alcohol level within the allowed amount should you have any alcoholic beverages on the day that you’re driving, and also obeying the speed limits which can vary depending whereabouts on the island you are currently driving.
  • Ibiza is a relatively small island, which means that on a day with light traffic you might be able to get from a point on the far west of Ibiza to a location on the far east within 30 to 45 minutes. Note however that your driving speed might be slowed down when you are passing through villages or using some of the winding rural roads on the island.

Ibiza Airport Car Rental Companies

AVIS Car Rental

Tel: +34 902 09 02 62

Europcar Car Rental

Tel: +34 911 50 50 00

Hertz Car Rental

Tel: +34 971 80 91 78

Thrifty Car Rental

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Sixt Car Rental

Tel: +34 871 18 01 92

Goldcar Car Rental

Tel: +34 918 34 14 00

Alamo Car Rental

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Information About Driving In Ibiza

There’s so much to see and do around Ibiza, one of the Spanish Balearic islands, that renting a car is often the best way to make the most of your vacation time.

If you have a car hire for the duration of your stay on the island, this will give you total flexibility and independence in deciding where you want to go, and when you want to drive. You could have a leisurely drive around Ibiza, make an impromptu trip to a beach, plan a day of seeing tourist sites in several different locations, or whatever other journey you’d like to make.

Although it’s easy to rent a car at Ibiza Airport or anywhere else on the island, it’s important to first learn about the basic regulations that apply when driving here, and other key information that will help to make your experience driving in Ibiza easier, safer and free of stress.

Rules of the road in Ibiza

If you’re driving in a town, village or other area with many people then the speed limit is 50 kilometers per hour, but this increases to 90 kilometers per hour outside of busy areas, and up to 120 kilometers per hour when you are driving on the motorways.

The police in Ibiza take drunk driving very seriously and you cannot have more than 0.05 percent alcohol in your blood when driving. If you haven’t got at least two full years of driving experience then the alcohol blood limit drops to an even stricter 0.03 percent. You could face significant penalties if caught drunk driving, so it’s not worth going over these limits.

You are not allowed to use a smartphone or other mobile device when driving a car on the island, but you can make phone calls if you use a headset and a hands-free device.

ibiza Dalt vila and road
ibiza Dalt vila and road

Although rental cars, like most vehicles, are equipped with horns, drivers are encouraged to only use them when necessary, such as trying to prevent an accident from happening. Read road signs closely because some areas ban you from using your car horn.

The law in Ibiza for seatbelts is that everyone in the car must wear them, which means not only the driver and anyone in the passenger seat, but also anyone in the back seat. For children aged 12 years old or younger, they must use a special seat adjusted to their build.

Should you get pulled over by the police, they can ask for several documents to prove your ability to drive, so it’s important that you have these with you at all times in the car. You’ll need the car’s registration document and its roadworthiness test certificate – both documents you should be able to get from your rental car company – as well as your current driver’s license.

Top tips about driving in Ibiza

Don’t think that you can get away with breaking the rules of the road, such as the drunk driving and speeding restrictions, and avoid paying penalties by leaving the island. The police will take your address and send the charge for the fine to wherever you live, and you must pay it.

Ibiza is manageable for drivers of most abilities because it is relatively flat, but if you have any doubts about your driving capability then you might want to consider using taxis instead.

Whenever you are driving toward any intersections on the island you must yield to vehicles on your right. And if you’re approaching a traffic roundabout, yield to cars that are already in it.

As you’re driving around Ibiza you might notice that it’s fairly typical for drivers, particularly local residents, to overtake. But always use caution when trying to pass by another car, particularly on roads that have a lot of traffic or whether it’s difficult to see the vehicles in front.

Should you be driving and see a police car, ambulance or other type of emergency response vehicle behind you trying to overtake then you must let them pass you by.

When you’re trying to find somewhere to park your car, whether that’s at a historic sight, in a town, by the beach or anywhere else, if you see blue lines painted on the ground then this means you can park there but you are required to pay for this. There should be a parking machine available nearby where you can pay to get a ticket that you can display in the car. By contrast, yellow lines mean parking is prohibited, and white lines mean that parking is free.

Ibiza Airport Driving FAQ

Yes, several global hire car companies have kiosks at Ibiza Airport where you can rent a vehicle after your flight lands, and there are also some vendors across the island.

People must be at least 18 years old in order to legally be allowed to drive in Ibiza. But if you’re getting a rental car, some companies raise this minimum age to 21 years old.

The strictest speed limit of 50 kilometers per hour applies in towns and other heavily populated areas. A faster speed limit of 90 kilometers per hour is set for less built-up locations, and if you’re on the motorway then you can drive at a speed of up to 120 kilometers per hour.

Most likely not, because the limit on blood alcohol levels is just 0.05 percent, and this drops down to just 0.03 percent for those drivers who have than two years of experience.

Cars, trucks, buses and all other vehicles drive on the right side of the road, so if you’re from somewhere where people drive on the left side of the road you must remember this difference.

White lines by the side of the road mean that this is a designated spot for free parking, whereas blue lines mean that you must use a nearby ticket machine to pay for parking. If you see yellow lines by the side of the road then this means you cannot park there at any time.

Yes, any time that you are driving on the island you should make sure that you always have your driver’s license as well as the car’s roadworthiness certificate and registration document.

f you’re visiting from overseas and renting a vehicle then it is highly recommended that you obtain insurance for the entire time that you are hiring the car. This will cover your expenses in the event of any medical bills or vehicle repair costs you might incur following an accident.

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