Ibiza Airport Taxi
Ibiza Airport Taxi
Ibiza Airport Taxi

Ibiza Airport Taxi

Whichever terminal you exit from at Ibiza Airport you are sure to find a taxi that will be available to take you to the Ibiza city centre. It is certainly very reassuring to know that these taxis are available around the clock, you will therefore not be stranded even if your flight arrives at odd hours. The airport taxis are allowed to stop directly at the curb side to serve visitors better.

The taxi rank can be found outside the terminal building.

The airport is about 7 kilometers (just under 4.35 miles) from the center of Ibiza Town, so you’ll need transportation to get downtown.

One of the ways that you can get from the airport to Ibiza Town and other locations on the island is by taking a taxi. There are several benefits of traveling this way, including the fact that you’ll enjoy privacy because the only people in the vehicle will be the driver, you and your travel companions. Also, your luggage will be secure in the trunk of the car and yet another benefit is that the taxi driver will take you directly from the airport to wherever you’re staying in Ibiza.

Another advantage of taking a taxi is that the journey will be charged per vehicle and not per passenger, so a party of four can ride in a standard five-seater car for a single fare.
You can find the waiting area for taxis immediately outside the airport terminal, or by following the signs for taxis inside the airport or asking a member of airport staff for assistance.

The exact travel time between the airport and your final destination will depend on a number of factors, including where you’re going. Also, if you’re driving at a busy time like rush hour then the journey will take longer than traveling at quieter times like mornings or late at night. As a general guide, the standard ride from the airport to Ibiza Town takes about 25 minutes.

There are also no standard flat fares between Ibiza Airport and destinations around Ibiza, but if you know where you’re going you should be able to calculate how much the ride should cost. Taxis in Ibiza operate using meters, so the base fare, or minimum charge, for a one-way taxi ride is €3.25 and then you’ll pay €0.98 for each kilometer that the car drives between 7am and 9pm, with the per kilometer charge rising to €1.20 from 9pm through to 7am the next day.

It doesn’t matter if your flight is delayed or arriving very early or late in the day, because you’ll find that taxis are available from the airport 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

You do not have to worry about paying any fees for each item of luggage that you’re carrying when taking a taxi, but you will have to pay €1.65 as an airport fee supplement.

It’s not required by law or regulation that you pay your taxi driver a tip, but as common courtesy you should consider tipping a few Euros if they give you a safe, smooth and quick ride. By contrast, if you feel the journey was unsafe then you should not feel pressured to tip the driver.

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  • Minimum fare on the street: €3.65
  • With booking through phone call: €4.95
  • Plus €1.09/km from 07:00 – 21:00
  • Plus €1.33/km from 21:00 – 07:00; from 15:00 on Saturdays Sundays and Bank Holidays
  • Supplement airport/port: €1.80
  • Waiting time: daytime €19.58/hour, night time €23.98/hour
  • Luggage free of charge

Approximate Taxi Fare from the Airport

From Ibiza international airport and between the large resorts, depending on the time of day, from a taxi rank:

  • Ibiza Airport – Ibiza Town €15 – €20
  • Ibiza Airport – Playa d’en Bossa €11 – €15
  • Ibiza Airport – San Antonio €30 – €36
  • Ibiza Airport – Santa Eulalia €30 – €35
  • Ibiza Town – Playa d’en Bossa €11 – €12
  • Ibiza Town – San Antonio €20 – €24
  • Ibiza Town – Santa Eulalia €22 – €26

Taxi Companies

Radio Taxi Ibiza:+34 971 39 84 83
Radio Taxi Santa Eularia:+34 971 33 33 33
Radio Taxi San Antonio:+34 971 34 37 64
Radio Taxi San Juan:+34 971 33 33 33
Radio Taxi Sant Josep:+34 971 800 080
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Ibiza Airport Taxi FAQ

No, anybody that comes up to you within the terminal is not an authorized taxi driver and they will likely charge you much more than the fare you’d pay when taking an official airport taxi.

Yes, you can contact Radio Taxi de San José before your flight by calling their telephone number at +34 971 800 080 and they can arrange a special taxi to meet you at the airport.

Taxis from the airport operate on a meter, which means that the more time and distance your journey takes, the higher the fare will be, rather than charging a single flat fare.

Because of the meter charging the precise cost will vary, but you should expect to pay between €15 and €35 for your taxi ride, depending on where your final destination is located.

Ibiza Airport is situated roughly 4.3 miles (about 7 kilometers) from the center of Ibiza.

The average taxi ride time is about 15 minutes, although it can be shorter when you’re traveling at quiet periods like the early morning, and longer at busier times like rush hour.

The authorized taxi companies that operate at the airport have regular cars that seat four passengers plus the driver, as well as minivans that sit eight passengers and the driver.

There are no laws or regulations that mandate you must tip your airport taxi driver, but if they give you a safe and comfortable ride you should consider tipping them with a few Euros.

One option is, before your flight, to print out the quickest route from the airport to your destination in Ibiza and ask that the driver strictly follow that journey. This can help to avoid a scam where drivers take you on a long route that results in you paying a higher fare.


(average charge – all included by a Private Transfer) From Naxos Airport.

Parikia Town (Capital)48€
Paros Port48€

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